Heera Group will make a come back

Heera Group will make a come back

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Heera Group

Heera Group, Dressed in a black burqa with a matching hijab which had diamonds embroidered on it; smiling and a confident Nowhera Shaikh the Managing Director of Heera Group; walked into the hall in her office in Hyderabad Banjara Hills on Saturday. Once settled, she addressed the press meet.

The Heera Group CEO Nowhera Shaik said that though there were many conspiracies by the vested interests to malign her business and image she was able to make a comeback with the support of the investors.

Nowhera began the address by recollecting how she has been instrumental in the empowerment of women; especially from the Muslim community. “I taught women how to do business and empowered them. Her announcement indicated that she plans to continue her investment scheme.

will make a come back

Heera Gold CEO and Managing Director Nowhera Shaik in her speech also; reassured investors saying that their money and deposits are in safe hands and the company will re-start operations very soon.

“I want to reassure all Heera Gold investors. Your every rupee is my responsibility”, Nowhera Shaik said. Nowhera Shaik also mentioned that she will sit with her investors and talk to them personally. They will either be given the option to withdraw their money or keep their money invested with the company. Depending on what they decide. “Investors who have faith in us and want to stay with the company should be assured that the company has potential and the needed resources to start working to its lost glory and they will start receiving profits on their deposits and investment very soon”, she added. “We have signed documents of all our investors saying that in profit or loss, they will be with the company”, asserted Nowhera. “Acche din will be back, and they will be back very soon”, she said.

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