Heera Group of companies latest news

Heera Group of companies latest news

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Heera Group of companies faced innumerable obstacles when she originally launched Heera Group with little effort. but she was also humiliated on numerous occasions for the business ideas she considered. Many predicted that Heera Group would only endure a few months, but she proved them wrong. With her tireless efforts, Dr. Nowhera Shaik brought the stone to life.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s proposal for the Heera Group grew into a reality over time. She developed her Queendom of Desires by taking one step at a time. Rather than creating a vacuum with a show of arrogance, she built a rock-solid empire. She is one of India’s few Muslim entrepreneurs; with a net worth of INR 1 crore for her company Heera Group. Since 1998, Heera Group has not taken a single bank loan.

Heera Group’s strength is in the structural planning and flawless plans it provides to its customers. Heera Group also has a number of sections dedicated to various products and services. The dramatic contractions in the type of products sold by Heera Groups have been rather ubiquitously active in numerous sectors, making it a pilgrimage of investors in several spheres. Heera Group has several investment pockets, and more than 1.5 lakh investors from all over the world have a share in the company.

Heera Group has diversified extensively worldwide such as Heera Gold EXIM, Heera Textiles, Heera Foodex, Heera Gold Exports China, Heera Hajj & Umrah, Heera Jewellers, Heera Pure Drop(Mineral Water), Heera Fin Capital, Heera Tours and Travels, Heera Food Bazar, Heera Developers, Heera Building Material, Heera Electronics, Heera fancy world, Heera Granite, Heera Marts, Heera Export and Imports, Heera Trading, etc. After a short break, Heera Group restarted operations on August 1st, 2021.

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