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Heera Group of Companies has a long and illustrious history

Heera Group of Companies is not your typical business, constructed and developed by a well-educated entrepreneur. It’s made of sweat and strength of a lovely lady with a graceful smile. Who always wears a diamond-encrusted burqa.

Her mother, a vegetable seller, taught her how to run a business. She could have a good income from her small businesses; if she started when she was in her teens with some girls around her. She is illiterate and uncertified. It has learned how to build and stand effectively in the industry from her parents, friends, and family members. Later, she turned the family business into a modern gold trading firm.

Although Nowhera Shaik founded Heera Gold, a pioneer in the gold trading industry, as a private limited company in 1998. The company’s headquarters are in Hyderabad. The motto of this company is “In the Interest of Mankind.”

Textiles, Jewellery, Mineral Water, Finance, Hospitals, Granites, Tours and Travels, Real Estate, Electronics, E-commerce, and other sectors were added to the company’s portfolio.

Especially She entered to endorse an excellent team of people working in her companies; when she had great success in all industries. She had skilled people in all fields working for her companies. The company can find a turnover of much more than 1000 crores in the short term; and she has detailed information of every field she has managed to enter and proved to be successful in.

Moreover the boss lady gives a part back to the society in form of charity and believes; in helping the poor and the needy.

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