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Heera Group and Supreme Court

Heera Group

Heera Group is a well-established conglomerate with interests in a wide range of businesses, led by Dr. Nowhera Shaik, India’s first Muslim business woman. She is a well-known female entrepreneur who has given the modern business a new meaning. The evolution and growth of Heera is based on serving humanity. Heera began as a small educational institute, primarily for orphans, and has since expanded into a variety of fields.

In the name of a Gold Ponzi scheme, Nowhera was accused of collecting Rs 5,600 crore in deposits from 1.72 lakh investors. After serving two and a half years in judicial custody, Nowhera Sheik was released on six-week interim bail. This was a completely false case on her and she and her company has been fighting against the same since a very long time.

In the bail order, the Supreme Court stated that in cases where charge sheets or complaints have been filed, Nowhera should return all complainants’ deposits. But for doing it Nowhera requested the court help her business with the same.

Supreme Court

Nowhera has requested the court with certain things. Firstly, to release and vacate all Heera Group properties that have been acquired or seized by the Enforcement Directorate. Secondly, the property that has been illegally acquired by anonymous people must be evacuated, according to the Enforcement Directorate. Thirdly, when data is seized by the CCS department, it must be returned by the Panchnama. Fourth they have requested to unfreeze all 241 Heera Group Accounts located throughout the World. And lastly, to take stern action against the Gujarat State Police and the Uttar Pradesh State Police for attempting to arrest Nowhera Shaik despite the Honourable Court’s provision of unconditional bail.

The above demand showcases that Heera group and Nowhera Shaik want to give every penny back to its investors and clear her name from the fake scam and different names labelled on her. She wants a clean chit from the court and wants people to believe in her ideology of helping others.

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