Dr Nowhera Shaik

Heera Group and Dr Nowhera Shaik are Working hard to Pay back all the money of all Investors

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On July 4, 2022, Dr Nowhera Shaik attended a meeting with SFIO. Without receiving a confirmed claimant verification list from the relevant authorities, Dr. Nowhera Shaik has now provided the SFIO control of property assets worth 900 crore rupees. So they could sell them and recoup the investors’ money.

Shaik is possibly the only person in India’s history to have given the agency access to her assets without adequate verification to use them to repay the money she had received from her real investors. This is the least she could do to assure all of her sincere investors that she is with them and will promptly address all of their legitimate issues.

Dr Nowhera Shaik

Even before Dr Nowhera Shaik was imprisoned on false charges, many investors who deposited money in the Heera Group withdrew their funds in 2018 or earlier. A number of the investors had already taken their money out. Some had used it to purchase gold and other items from the Heera Group.

A total of 6023 claimants, whose combined investments amount to Rs 317 crores. They submitted paperwork to the relevant authorities to request their money. However, only 32 crores out of the approximately 317 crores in claims have been confirmed to be real investments made by real individuals.

All Investors get their money back 

Shaik had confirmed this on the official YouTube channel of Heera Group. She also said this whole giving an interview that soon all Heera Group investors settled around the globe. They will get all their money back. They are not being scammed but few legal procedures are going on because of which it takes a bit more time than usual to get their money.

Therefore, the Heera Group investors can take a deep breath of relief as their money is safe with Dr. Nowhera Shaik, and will soon get their money back.  Shaik along with her team members is working day and night hard. So that they can send the money of all the investors. As well as of supporters as soon as possible.

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