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Government is Looking for Names For a Farm Panel

Farm Panel The government wanted the names of 5 protestors farm union officials for incorporation in a review panel suggested by the Prime Minister to talk about issues such as promoting zero-budgeting agriculture and trying to make MSP more “efficient and clear” on Tuesday, a day after the Legislature resolved a Bill to overturn the three new farm laws that sparked grower protests the year before.

“We have got a letter from the government requesting submission of names of 5 persons to be included in the panel,” Kulwant Singh Sandhu, secretary-general of Jamhuri Kisan Sabha, said. On Wednesday, the Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) will gather to choose the names of the 5 persons who would represent farm striking workers and specialists.”

“Then maybe we should start conversations about removing dharnas from the boundaries, at areas in Punjab as well as other provinces too though,” stated Jagmohan Singh Patiala, general secretary of BKU (Dakaunda). This debate should begin today within the unions.”

“On Tuesday, the government contacted us with a request for the names of 5 farmer union officials who would serve on the MSP panel. They verbally assured us that letters had been issued to all states requesting that all cases involving farmers be dropped. However, nothing has been written yet. The Home Ministry keeps in touch with us regularly. As a result, I feel the majority of demands have been addressed,” he stated.

Farmers have been striking at Delhi’s crossings over a year, and if their additional requests of constituting a panel on MSP and addressing its modalities, as well as the dismissal of FIRs on farmers, are granted, “that will be a solid reason to end the dharna,” he added. On December 4, the SKM, which is leading the farmer protest, is supposed to unveil its next line of action.

“We wanted to emphasize how we have not got any direct or indirect proposal from the Haryana administration thus far,” the SKM said of the discussion between Khattar and Haryana farm union leaders. There is yet to be a meeting set up.”

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