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Good News for Heera Group Family

There’s good news for Dr. Nowhera Shaik and the Heera Group family. Yesterday on August 5, 2022 at 11am, The Income tax (valuation) Department , along with SFIO  inspected Heera Group Property situated at Tali Chowk, Shaikpet Village, and Mandal location in Hyderabad. The investigation was supervised and taken forward by the Shri. Arji Prasad Rao JE (valuation), Kum. Manaswani JE (valuation), Hyderabad.

Heera Group

Before the investigation took place the District Valuation Officer through a formal letter, very kindly requested Dr. Nowhera Shaik especially to be presented during the investigation or if she is not available at that or cannot make it. Then she might also send an alternative representative of her along with all the required documents concerning the details property and balance that are yet to be filed in response to the letter sent to her.

They have also informed Shaik that if she wants then she can have a technical representative or a registered valuer be present jointly at the location to just record all the procedures, measurements, and specifications. So that later on there is no kind of conflict or dispute between both the parties based on this account.

They have also mentioned this clearly, if no such technical representative or registered valuer comes up from dr. Nowhera Shaik’s side then they assume that Dr. Nowhera Shaik doesn’t feel the requirement of this recording procedure in the investigation and either she or her representative will accompany the officers for joint measurements and recording of specifications of her Property for acceptance.

However, the investigation went in a smooth manner and no conflict or dispute took place while the investigation was going on or after that.

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