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Nowhera Shaik And Her Struggle At The Early Age

Nowhera Shaik, the founder & CEO of Heera Group, belongs to a Muslim family with a middle-class financial background in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Despite being from a humble background, her father used to sell vegetables in the nearby market. There were a total of 9 members in her family, including her seven siblings. Therefore, Nowhera had to take the responsibility of her entire family on her shoulders as she was the eldest child.

Meanwhile, she left her school due to financial instability. That was the worst portion of her life where she did not have anyone to look after her. Despite this, she did not leave her hope and gave her dedication to increasing her monthly wages. She worked for 24-hours continuously sometimes, for the sake of her family.

The Journey Of Nowhera Shaik:

Founder and CEO of Heera Group
Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera’s journey from a middle-class girl to a billionaire businesswoman was not that easy. She understood the value of money from an early age. She quitted her dreams for her family, but she never left her ambitions, ethics, courage, and determination. The interesting thing is that she even agonizes about her fall for her extensive ambitions still now. She started tuition classes to increase her monthly income.

In the meantime, she taught girls and children from underprivileged families in her locality. Therefore, her social activities started from then.

Nowhera The Founder Of Heera Group In The Business Field:

Nowhera used to save money from her previous earnings to fulfil her most desired project. At the age of 26, she established the Heera Group of companies in 1998. Her dream became true, and her eyes full of determination flourished with success. Everyone knows Nowhera Shaik is an eminent entrepreneur, but very few know the struggle behind it.

According to Nowhera, only money can not buy happiness. Therefore, she has devoted herself to the welfare of society. Moreover, she distributes her Heera Group’s business profits to the people who need the money. She has such a glorious personality.

A Socially Sensitive Business Women:

Dr Nowhera Shaik is an Indian Entrepreneur, Social Worker and a politician. She had really worked hard and did many great things for poor and downtrodden people of the society especially for women’s and girls. Dr Nowhera Shaik was born in a business family of Tirupati, got the privilege to lead a luxurious lifestyle. However, she always wanted to do something for the betterment of society and people living in that Society. She started working on her thoughts from a very early age.

At an early age of nineteen she started teaching scriptures and religion to six girls of her Community. Shaik established an educational institutions in 1998 at Tirupati Town . It was her interest in concern and requirements of the poor and downtrodden people that push; Shaik into the world of business and still remains a driving spirit for Developing different business ventures under Heera Group. Dr Nowhera Shaik is the con founder and CEO of Heera Group of Companies; interestingly Shaik donates more than seventy five per cent profit made from her company for providing free health and educational facilities for downtrodden people of the society.

About The Founder Of Heera Group:

Dr Nowhera Shaik is a Socially Sensitive Business Women. On one side where other business person focus more on making money and making business profit fir their self. Shaik provides all her profit and earning for the betterment of society especially for empowering women by providing free education and health facilities. Heera Group of Companies today is successful business that is globally recognized and the company have won many awards and honors till now. Social services was primary motive behind the ventures of Shaik’s business enterprise. Her devotion towards nation and concern for people make Heera Group Different from others. Beside being a profit oriented company, Heera Group has its own aegis educational institutions for needy people; medical clinic where downtrodden and people below poverty line get free education and medical treatment for absolutely free of cost.

One of Shaik project named Saluting the Nation’s Guardian received lots of love and appreciation. The project included taking care of twenty families; of Jawan’s who got Shahid in the URI surgical strike and donating four lakhs to each family and sponsoring their kids education. Shaik highly believes and promotes a business culture that ultimately; at end of the day serves the nation and takes it to greater heights.

Nowhera Shaik The Founder And CEO Of Heera Group And Her Struggle At The Early Age.

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