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Nowhera Shaik and her Heera Group has promised to establish the educational rights of girls from poor backgrounds

Nowhera Shaik and her Heera Group has promised to establish the educational rights of girls from poor backgrounds

Establishing women rights

Nowhera Shaik always wants to stay in the limelight. She has been doing her best for establishing gender equality; She aimed at providing educational and social purposes for poor. Dr Shaik knows the value of education from an early age. Moreover, she realized the way which will help to educate poor children. She also wanted to help girls in the right way. That is why she founded an educational organization for girls in 1988.

Being a social activist and brilliant woman. She operates various schools for girls and children from poor family backgrounds all over India. She even sold some parental belongings of her to extend the work field of her residential schools for girls in Andhra and Chandragiri. The courage, potentiality, and intelligence of Dr Shaik is the main reason for her to be such a success and popular. She represented her humanity; Also, her sympathy with her activities towards the people who are still in the horrible condition of society.

Establishing right to education for poor and needy

Nowhera Shaik Heera Group has performed a vital role in her educational mission. Moreover, the group has helped many girl students; They supplied them essential study books, school uniforms, and other materials. This group had been establishing its journey with the gold import and export business at first. She sent the profit from these businesses to the welfare fund of the underprivileged girls and children. After that, Nowhera split Heera Group’s business activities; She expanded into other territories. It includes food, textile, mineral water, tourism, electronics, etc.

Moreover apart from that, Heera Group is creating thousands of job opportunities. She is continuously helping Andhra and their people. She is determined to establish educational and communal equalization. All this she does is for the women in society. Being a champion woman herself, Nowhera has assured that she won’t stop until she recovers a secure position. She always works for the economically unstable girls and children in India.

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