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eHealth project will cover all government hospitals: Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala’s Chief Minister

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eHealth project will cover all government hospitals

eHealth project being implemented in all government hospitals, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has stated that a queue management system will be implemented to avoid crowding at the OPs.

People will be able to book doctor appointments through the eHealth portal; and doctors will be able to refer patients to other hospitals with ease. The treating doctors in any of the government hospitals have access to all of the patients’ medical records.

The goal is to provide each person in the state with an electronic health card. This card will store a person’s health information from birth to death. By connecting all of the hospitals, doctors from any hospital can assess the information stored in this electronic health card.\

Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala’s Chief Minister

Although the government has approved the launch of the eHealth program in 349 more hospitals, according to Vijayan. The government has approved Rs 100 crore over the last five years to implement this program. Shortly, 707 hospitals out of a total of 1,284 will have this facility.

Those who want to make an appointment in one of the already networked hospitals can do so online through the portal, according to Health Minister Veena George, who was also present at the event. People can choose the time and date for a doctor’s consultation by making an online booking.

The OP tickets and token slips are available for download on the website. All of the treatment details at any time. The patient will also be able to access the portal to download laboratory reports and medical prescriptions. The person’s Aadhaar number should also be provided when registering on the eHealth portal.

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