Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is very glad to fulfil the dreams of Cancer Kids

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For 27 cancer-stricken children, AIMEP organised an aeroplane pleasure journey with great success. Children expressed a desire to view Mumbai from the air, and when Nowhera Shaik learned of this, She stepped up and decided to arrange an aeroplane joy ride for the children. 27  children with cancer were given a joyride on a charter jet on August 16. (flight number S58201). The flight departed from the airport in Mumbai at 11:40 and arrived at 12:40.

Nowhera Shaik

The happiest experience of Shaik  life was witnessing the joy of many youngsters as they realised their dreams in front of me. Shaik tears wouldn’t stop flowing, though. The least She could do to ensure children’s happiness is this. She granted their dream to view Mumbai from an aeroplane, and Shaik made the commitment to continue doing all she can to help them. Being able to spend time with the kids and teach them a lot about life makes her feel blessed. Kids have taught Dr.Nowhera Shaik to be joyful at every stage of life, no matter what you have. This is a very essential lesson that everyone should learn.

When children’s desire to view Mumbai from above came true, Shaik could clearly see the joy on their faces. All the children were ecstatic, and She felt so blessed that Allah had given her  the ability to fulfil someone else’s desire. The children of the Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) were flown on a full charter jet by AIMEP. The joy ride was a success, and everything was wonderful. The #nanhemasoomokiudaan campaign they started has been a success. They are glad to have realised the hopes of helpless children. Indeed, every employee and member of AIMEP should be proud of it.

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