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Dr. Nowhera Shaik had Proposed to Liquidate her Property Worth 900 Crores to settle all Claimants

Dr. Nowhera Shaik had recently proposed to Liquidate a few of her properties worth 900 crores to settle down all claimants. Heera Group and Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s team are working hard day and night to send back the money to all investors. Even her team had started sending in the bank account of a few investors. Hyderabad Heera Group investors have not received the money yet. But no need to worry they will soon receive their money in their bank accounts via online mode.

Dr. Nowhera

On the official YouTube channel of Heera Group and in an interview with some news anchors Dr. Nowhera Shaik confirmed that soon all Heera Group investors will receive their money in that bank account. Due to some legal procedures, it is taking a bit of time to reach the money to them.

The money is extremely safe: Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik firstly thanked and showed her gratitude to all her supporters, investors, and people who have stood by her in her worst times. Shaik had asked for a bit of time and requested her Investors to keep their calm and have faith in her. Their money is extremely safe with her. As soon as all legal procedures and formalities are finished, the money will reach out to them.

Even before Shaik was imprisoned on false charges, many investors who deposited money in the Heera Group withdrew their funds in 2018 or earlier. A number of the investors had already taken their money out. Some had used it to purchase gold and other items from the Heera Group.

 As Dr. Nowhera Shaik came out from imprisonment after 1.5 years all Heera Group Offices got owned immediately and work began in the offices instantly. Therefore, Heera Group investors don’t need to worry about their money. The Heera Group Employees and Shaik personally are working hard to send back all the money and wealth of her Investors as soon as possible.

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