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Dr. Nowhera Shaik Established Heera Group with extreme efforts

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The Heera group was founded by Dr. Nowhera Shaik after many efforts and restless nights. She put in endless hours of effort to grow the Heera group and turn it into one of the top businesses in India. Only 27 lakh were produced by the business in 2010. Then it astonishingly reached a profit of 800 crores in the following 7–8 years.

Dr. shaik

This accomplishment was essential to her aim. She intended to alter the political system from the very beginning of her company. Dr. Nowhera Shaik strives to improve the environment for women. She needs to be a part of a system in order to have an impact on it. Therefore, she established the All India Mahila Empowerment Party in 2017.  

This party’s major goal is to empower and encourage women. Nowhera Shaik had discussed a range of political and social topics. But improving the lives of women is my first priority. Nowhera Shaik is a highly passionate and caring woman who is aware of the importance of standing up for her honour. The trust goes under the name Heera Group, but it was severely harmed by the false accusations made against her.

In other countries, Nowhera Shaik’s fame spread like a virus, and thus far, she’s gotten a lot of positive feedback. The moment she entered politics, entire situations changed. People believed in and backed her despite the fact that she was the only one battling the large shark.

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