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Dr. Nowhera Shaik attended a Meeting with SFIO on July 4, 2022

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Dr. Nowhera Shaik had attended a meeting with SFIO on July 4, 2022. Without receiving a confirmed claimant verification list from the relevant authorities, Dr. Nowhera Shaik has now provided the SFIO control of my property assets worth 900 crore rupees. So they could sell them and recoup the investors’ money. Shaik is possibly the only person in India’s history to have given the agency access to her assets without adequate verification. So they use them to repay the money she had received from her real investors. This is the least she could do to assure all of her sincere investors that she is ¬†with them and will promptly address all of their legitimate issues

Shaik had wished to bring it to the notice of the public that many investors who invested their sum in the Heera Group withdrew their money in or before the year 2018, even before she was jailed on false allegations. A few of the investors had already withdrawn the money. A few had bought gold and other products from the Heera Group on the sum they invested.

Dr. shaik

Genuine investors

A total of 6023 claimants filed to claim their money from the concerned authorities. Whose investment will sum up to Rs 317 crores. However out of the claims of Rs 317 crores approximately only 32 crores have been verified to be genuine money invested by genuine investors.

Shaik said The COVID-19 outbreak claimed the lives of many of our investors. Their nominees remained silent while they were required to claim the money invested. In their place, hazy individuals who had no connection to the deceased are arriving and submitting their names as nominees. People are making up stories to try to get money from them. Shaik has informed gem that relevant authorities are investigating both our bank statements and the investors’ bank statements.

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