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DNA test Samples of the couple and the child are being collected in Kerala.

DNA test might put a stop to a months-long custody battle. It was a battle in Kerala over a one-year-old child.

If the results are positive, Anupama S Chandran, a former SFI leader, could be reconnected with her son. The son, who was supposedly put up for adoption without her consent by her parents.

Officials from the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) in Thiruvananthapuram took samples from Chandran and her partner, Ajith Kumar, on Monday to conduct a DNA test to determine whether they are the infant’s biological parents. The child’s samples were obtained earlier in the day from a Thiruvanthapuram shelter home.

The results of the test, which will be conducted at RGCB, will most likely be available in two days.

The DNA test was ordered by a family court. Which temporarily halted the successful adoption after the government claimed the child’s custody was in conflict.

Chandran claims that she gave birth to a boy in October 2020. Her parents, who were unhappy with her relationship with Kumar, who was still married to his first wife at the time. It supposedly took the child from her forcefully three days later and placed him in a state government facility for adoption.

Despite a pending family court decision, the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare gave the baby to adoptive parents in Andhra Pradesh in August of this year.

Chandran approached police in April of this year, alleging that her complaint about her missing son had gone unanswered. After Chandran went public with her allegations against her parents, police filed a case. It was alleged that CPI(M) leaders assisted her parents in separating her from her child. Following that, the government petitioned the family court to halt the adoption process.

State Minister for Health and Family Welfare Veena George, on the other hand, refuted the charge and stated that the process was conducted transparently.

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