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District wise Covid cases in Karnataka Today

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District wise Covid cases in Karnataka Today, Officials said that a medical college in Dharwad, Karnataka, became a COVID-19 hotspot after the percentage of students and employees infected with coronavirus increased to 182 today versus 66 the day before. Officials at the SDM College of Medical Sciences in Dharwad reported that the majority of those ill were completely vaccinated for coronavirus and that the outbreak was caused by a previous freshers’ party held on-site.

Following the screening of over 300 pupils, the Covid test result of 66 completely vaccinated college students and the staff was positive on Thursday. Today, a greater number of college students are being examined. Genome sequencing would be performed on the affected people’s data. “The students had all of their shots… We’ll send a few specimens for genome sequencing to see if a newer version has emerged “According to D Randeep, the province’s health director.

The incident was sparked by a freshers’ event at the university on November 17, as per the health commissioner. According to officials, the afflicted have been quarantined on campus, and the two dorms have been closed as a security precaution.

“Both vaccination doses have been administered to the vast majority of patients. They’ve remained restricted to the university premises for the entire time “According to Dr. Yashwant, the health director for Hubli,  Dharwad. Authorities say the Covid positive patients have little to no complaints and are being treated on campus.

Today, the state health authorities will examine almost 3,000 employees and students at the institution and hospital. At least 1,000 persons have been screened so far, with results expected soon. In the previous several weeks, the number of Covid cases has fallen in numerous states, including Karnataka. Today, the state recorded 306 new cases, with a 0.36 percent positive rate.

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