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Did Elon Musk Buy Twitter

Did Elon Musk Buy Twitter. Elon musk after announcing that he is about to buy Twitter suddenly he put a hold on his decision. Now he is stating that approximately 5% of the Twitter’s users are fake that’s why he will again think about this deal.

👉 Elon Musk Buying Twitter.

Today Elon musk suddenly wrote in his tweet that he has holded the deal of buying Twitter till the time it won’t get clear that in Twitter the percentage of fake users are 5%.

Elon musk announced this thing when a report was handed over by Twitter to United States securities and commission few days back and in this report it is stated that in the whole world twitter has 22 crores 90 lakhs monetize daily active users in which 5% users are having fake accounts. monetize daily active users means people who logins twitter in daily basis and in between this some or the other advertisement are being showed to thus users.

Why Did Not Elon Musk Buy Twitter:

According to the report if we see users among 22 crores 90 lakhs 1 crore 14 lakhs; users access twitter using fake accounts. When Elon musk has announced that he is about to buy Twitter; he was pretty mush sure that fake accounts in Twitter is a big issue.

In this year itself 22nd  April 2022 he has twitted that either he will remove all the spam and fake accounts from Twitter or he will die and instead of this he also had twitted on 5th April 2022 that fake accounts in Twitter Is a big concern but now suddenly Elon musk is stepping back regarding his deal.

If we see Facebook is having 291 crores users in the whole world; YouTube 256 crores WhatsApp 200 crores, Instagram 147 crores and snap chat 55 crores. Among these world wide used apps Twitter looks a bit small.

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