Delhi Is Expected To Celebrate The New Year In Extreme Cold

Delhi Is Expected To Celebrate The New Year In Extreme Cold

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Delhi, On Thursday, a cold wave blasted across Delhi as residents prepared for a chilly New Year. The weather authority forecasting similar temperatures until January 3. The Safdarjung Observatory, which operates as the capital’s primary temperature gauge, has reached its lowest temperature. Plummeted to 3.4 degrees Celsius, four points below normal. It was 8.4 ° Celsius on Wednesday.

The maximum temperature was 19.5 degrees Celsius, which was a few degrees below typical. On Thursday, the automatic weather stations in Ayanagar and Narela in Delhi reported minimum temperatures of 3.8 and 3.2 degrees Celsius, correspondingly. If the lowest temperature in the plains falls below four degrees Celsius, the IMD announces a cold wave. When the lowest temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius and is 4.5 degrees below average, a freezing wave is proclaimed.

On December 20 and 21, Delhi was hit by a cold wave, with lows of 3.2 ° C. And 4 degrees Celsius, the worst temperatures of the season thus far. Following that, two back-to-back westerly disturbances, as well as a slowdown of chilly northerly winds and gloomy weather. Gradually increased the lowest temperature to 9.8 degrees Celsius. Some of the entering infrared light is trapped by clouds, which then radiates it downward, heating the ground.

Cold wave to cold weather wave conditions is expected in northwest India through January 3, according to the IMD. When the minimum temperature falls below 2 degrees Celsius or the deviation from normal exceeds 6.4 degrees Celsius, it is considered a “severe” cold wave. Under the impact of an active western disturbance. It is highly likely to deliver quite extensive rainfall and snowstorm over Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during January 4 and 7. The lowest temperature will begin to rise on January 4.

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