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Coal ”Phase Down” Not India’s Language, Introduced By US, China: Report.

Coal Over 200 nations at COP 26 in Glasgow on November 13 embraced the pact that intended to control global warming as a primary objective of the meet. But with India’s change in phrasing from “phase-out of coal” to “phase down,” India received criticism from many countries for that.

A government source said that the wording “phase down” was present in the document beforehand. Though India did not coin the term, it still received unfair criticism for reading out the document. The source stated that India was not happy with the term “phase-out” of coal because the country’s power load is dependent mainly on coal. And phase-out of coal will be a loss of livelihood for many people in the country, but phase-down of coal is not our language. 

According to the sources, all fossil fuels are harmful, but coal was singled out at COP 26. India’s issue was why is that? Just because the United States has emigrated from coal and other fossil fuels, the issue phase-out of coal did not bother them. However, we did not make up the phrase “phasing down.” It is the United States and China who coined the term phase down. India is falsely accused only for reading the statement. Sources also stated that the five national goals declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not be named as “updated Nationally Determined Goals.”

Several countries had also condemned India for “promoting” the transition away from the control of fossil fuels. Bhupender Yadav, the Environment Minister who represented the Indian delegation, urged the Glasgow climate summit on how developing countries could promise “phasing out” it and fossil fuel subsidies. While they are still dealing with their poverty elimination and development agendas.

The Glasgow Climate Pact was accepted on November 13 with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, calling the ending of the COP-26 “a compromise” and persuading efforts to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

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