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Bill Gates Donates $ 6 Billion, days after he spoke of dropping off world’s richest people list

Bill Gates Donates $ 6 Billion: Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and the fifth richest man in the world, recently gave shares worth more than $6 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The billionaire recently discussed exiting the list of the world’s richest individuals, and now he gives back.

Gates, who has a $112 billion fortune according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, is still ranked fifth on the list, behind Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, and India’s Gautam Adani. His departure from the list doesn’t appear to be imminent. According to a Businessinsider article, the co-founder of Microsoft gave his charity shares in Canadian National Railway Co. worth approximately $5.2 billion. The billionaire gave his nonprofit organisation shares valued at $995 million just last Thursday.

Bill Gates Donates

Bill Gates on leaving World’s Richest People List

On July 13, the 66-year-old revealed his intentions to leave the list of the richest individuals in the world. Bill Gates donates almost all of his wealth to the foundation. He said I will eventually drop off the list of the richest persons in the world and go down.

Gates hoped that others in positions of enormous wealth and privilege would do the same at this time. He saying, “I have an obligation to return my resources to society in ways that have the greatest impact for reducing suffering and improving lives.”

“I am transferring $20 billion to the foundation’s endowment this month,” Gates stated in his blog post.

Although the organisation is named after Bill and his ex-wife Melinda. Gates revealed that CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett provided half of its funding. “His extraordinary generosity is a major factor in the foundation’s ability to do as much as it has. I’ll never be able to sufficiently explain how much I value his friendship and leadership “said he. Buffett has donated $35.7 billion to the organisation overall since 2006, of which $3.1 is from just one year, 2022.

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