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Bigg Boss 15: ‘Do you like to be the show’s Dolly Bindra?’ Farah Khan questions Afsana Khan

Farah Khan, who appeared on Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday, gave Afsana Khan a rigorous workout. She also offered her advice on how she could improve. Afsana wanted to be Dolly Bindra, according to Farah.

Many celebs appeared as guests on Bigg Boss 15’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode on Sunday to support Salman Khan. Farah Khan, a filmmaker, was one of them. After meeting Salman, Farah Khan entered the Bigg Boss house. Farah enlisted the help of the family to do a task while still attending Afsana’s class.

Whatever actions Afsana Khan took in the last week enraged not only the public but even Salman. Salman, and the crowd, stated that if he had the option, he would have thrown him off the show. Afsana Khan attacked Shamita’s age and body while opening Akasa’s shirt buttons during an assignment where she had said horrible things about her.

Farah Khan assigned the family members to a duty in which they were to assign themselves numbers based on their involvement in the show and stand at their various locations according to those numbers. Farah was expressing her dissatisfaction with all of the family members’ figures and voicing her opinion on them during this time. Then he kept Afsana Khan hidden.

Afsana attacked Vishal and Shamita, and also her relatives, during the argument, and even gave her a badass look. ‘By quarreling, but don’t do it in vain,’ Farah added to Afsana on the subject. I’m in shock now. Please refrain from cursing me. You returned it to whoever gave it to you, didn’t you?’

Nothing compares to a curse, according to Afsana. He only frightened the members of his family. “Don’t be afraid like this,” Farah says. I was earlier in tension differently. Remove your make-up; else, everyone will be in pressure.

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