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Bengaluru police burst drug door delivery racket, seize drugs worth Rs 2 crore

According to officials on Tuesday, the Bengaluru police detained a group of drug dealers who bought drugs on the dark web and sent them to customers’ houses using courier services. Following the arrest of five people from Delhi and Bihar who were running the ring out of paying guest (PG) facilities in the city, the Central Crime Branch’s Anti-Narcotics Wing announced the recovery of MDMA crystals, MDMA Ecstasy tablets, LSD spots, cocaine, and hashish valued at over Rs 2 crore.

Bengaluru police

Officials claim that Vishal Kumar, Sagar Mehta, Bimanshu Thakur, Mahabali Singh, and Sukjit Singh are responsible for running the scheme for drug door-to-door delivery in major cities. According to Bengaluru police, a crucial accused is still wanted, and police are seeking for the suspect.

The gang allegedly bought drugs from sellers on the darknet by getting in touch with them through chat services like Wickr Me and sending money in cryptocurrency. The CCB claimed that it marketed drugs in locations including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru and hired unemployed youth by placing adverts on online platforms.

They said that the recruited individuals were housed in PG facilities and that the drugs the gang had purchased on the darknet were sent to them via mail or courier services. The hired agents allegedly received a monthly salary of Rs 50,000 to run the ring. Agents would transport the narcotics from the PGs to the doorsteps of the consumers, who would then place orders using chat platforms and pay via online payment providers. According to the authorities, the packages containing the drugs were disguised to look like birthday presents or medical emergency kits.

The CCB has frozen five bank accounts that were receiving the proceeds of the narcotics ring after the arrest of the five people running the operation. The missing operative allegedly put together the group, which has been involved in the narcotics trade for more than ten months.

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