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Bengali Schools Will Concentrate on Online vs offline education

Bengali Schools Will Concentrate

Online vs offline education, Concerns that primary pupils were going backward on the basics due to problems with online schooling spurred the state education administration to establish a system of learning for them. The FLN (Foundation Literacy and Numeracy) curriculum will enable students in grades I through IV to overcome the online-offline divide. The work of preparing the FLN content has been assigned to a group of experts from the school education department. Deployment might begin as early as the next academic semester.

The group is gathering information from many districts and producing the FLN, which is essentially a teaching material that uses resources such as cards, colorful blocks, and literacy booklets to aid children’s learning abilities.

Online vs offline education

According to department sources, several surveys in the recent past revealed that elementary children had suffered greatly as a result; of disease outbreak disruptions in learning. In the previous two years, the attrition rate had increased. Especially A few years ago, the department developed a program for elementary section students called “Early grade literacy and numeracy. FLN is a more advanced and comprehensive version of the prior project.

Although According to a government official, “FLN will make the instructional process better accurate. Students will be more interested in studies, which will aid in the development of a high learning base. Although The group is putting together “compact educational materials” by integrating materials like booklets, instructions, cards, and blocks, depending on teacher input from several workshops. There would also be a built-in tool to assess how well the students comprehend the method.

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