As India’s drug business booms, NCB is pursuing media hype.

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As India’s drug business booms

India’s drug business, The NCB arrested the junior Khan and several others on October 3.  They were ready to board a cruise from Mumbai to Goa on charges of an ‘international drug trafficking conspiracy.’

As details of the raid emerge and NCB officers selectively disclose information. The tale reads strangely similar to the events surrounding and following Chakraborty’s arrest. First, the number of drugs allegedly confiscated in the operation, according to NCB. On the same cruise, a total of 13 gm of marijuana and roughly 13 gm of cocaine were seized. On or with Khan, nothing ever in discovery.

Despite these developments, Khan has already spent three weeks in jail due to the special court’s consistent refusal to grant bail. In striking similarity to Chakraborty’s case, who releases only after 28 days and only after the intervention of the Bombay High Court. It can be a part of the rule that prima facie none of the charges against Chakraborty passes legal scrutiny.

NCB is pursuing media hype.

Although the fact is that two of the most high-profile cases that NCB has made. Both comes to court in the last 13 months involved prominent bollywood figures that have not been in notice. Leading to a barrage of accusations that NCB is on a witch hunt against imaginary ghosts. They are ignoring the country’s widespread drug trafficking growth.

Moreover 3,000 kilograms of Afghan heroin. Especially It is classed as semi-cut talcum powder. It gets seize from two containers that arrives at the Mundra Adani port in Gujarat on September 20. The drugs are approximately INR 210 billion on the foreign market. Making it India’s largest-ever single drug seizure.

Especially the fact that the NCB did not pursue the case, which currently National Investigation Agency is handling. It has led to accusations that the NCB is simply following media hype while turning a blind eye to real drug traffickers and sellers.

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