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Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP wins Confidence votes in Delhi Assembly

Arvind Kejriwal’s motion for confidence in the government was approved by the Delhi Assembly on Thursday, despite a walkout by five BJP legislators after some of their party’s members were escorted out of the chamber after a dispute with the deputy speaker. Due to the absence of BJP lawmakers, the motion was approved with the expected support of all Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs present in the House.

Vijender Gupta, Abhay Verma, and Mohan Singh Bisht, three BJP legislators, were escorted away as they “argued” with Deputy Speaker Rakhi Birla over her refusal to take up their calling attention notifications prior to a discussion on the motion. Soon after, the remaining lawmakers left in protest. In the Assembly, Kejriwal also discussed the approaching Assembly elections in Gujarat, noting that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raids against his deputy Manish Sisodia have raised his party’s vote share there by 4%.

Arvind Kejriwal’s

If Sisodia is imprisoned, he continued, this vote share will rise by 2%. “The CBI raided Sisodia, went to his village and searched his bank locker. CBI people said they did not find anything against him but they are under pressure to arrest him,” Kejriwal Claimed.

He told reporters outside the Assembly that Sisodia is a “pauper” and that it was clear the investigation agency had failed to turn up any significant evidence.

He said that Sisodia and the AAP have received a “certificate of honesty” from the prime minister. Additionally, During Arvind Kejriwal’s motion for confidence, He claimed that the BJP tried to buy MLAs from his party, but none of them took them up on the offer. He claimed that there are only two parties at the federal level at the moment, attempting to position the AAP as a rival to the BJP. ‘Kattar Imandar (hardcore honest) party and Kattar Beimaan (hardcore corrupt) party’. “Absolutely corrupt party lacks educated people while ‘hardcore honest’ party has those with good education, genuine IIT degrees,” he stated.

“They are spending Rs 20-50 crore to buy MLAs. Am I doing anything wrong if I want to build schools and hospitals,” Kejriwal tried to discover. The chief minister claimed that both of his children attended Indian Institutes of Technology. He wished to give “every child in India the same education.” Kejriwal added that the capital’s escalating law and order problems are causing his government concern. “There should be no politics in law and order and safety of women in Delhi.

We will extend all cooperation to the Lieutenant Governor and the Centre on it,” he stated. Regarding LG Vinai Kumar Saxena’s threat to sue the AAP for making corruption claims against him. Kejriwal said, “We should welcome any probe if we are in public life.”

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