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An era of darkness: Indian Politics

An era of darkness: Indian Politics. Have you ever wondered where is Indian Politics is heading? Thinking in-depth, does Modi, our prime minister, has competition? What has it done for our country? If we go further into state politics, what has any other chief minister done for their state? It is one of the darkest times in the history of Indian Politics.

Modi is busy between state battles rather than focusing on the progression of the country and the crisis which India is facing at the time of the pandemic.

As I take a deeper look in the past 7 years of the Modi government, the biggest failure and scam a country could think of from the government’s point of view is demonetization. This will be at the top of any board due to its complete lack of success and the immense economic damage it caused. While it is now taught as a cautionary story in business courses worldwide, it has the unique distinction of failing to achieve all of its declared goals (fighting terror funding, counterfeit notes, and black money) while destroying jobs. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and recognized economist Arun Kumar’s studies show that we are not yet out of the woods.

During the Modi government’s tenure, farmer suicides increased dramatically. The BJP’s final budget, in response to the demand for a minimum support price plus 50%, delivered a version that no one liked. Simultaneously, the Modi government imported wheat and pulses without hesitation, causing domestic prices to plummet. Add to it the ill-advised attempt to modify the 2013 Land Acquisition Act to take farmers’ land forcibly. Farmers staged protests and rallies in response to these events. Modi was forced to backtrack later because of the uproar.

Suppose we move on to other states, Chief Minister like Mamata Banerjee. She is no less than a street fighter favoring the poor and needy. The party slogan after the win against Modi was ‘khela shesh’ indicating the end of Mr. Modi. Being in such a high post and giving these kinds of comments to the Prime Minister degrades the nation. On an international level, Indian politics is falling to the ground.

Suppose we move ahead, and then we can notice the SP symbolizes backward politics led by a dominating caste in Uttar Pradesh. In contrast, the Shiromani Akali Dal leads minority religious politics in Punjab. In India, there are two primary forms of regional political organizations. Both are in a crisis, as their usual mobilization techniques have failed, and their dynasty politics, which is riddled with corruption, is becoming increasingly unpopular with the population.

These all things make us wonder is Modi the correct choice or our only choice? Sad and dark days of Indian Politics. 

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