After IT Firms delay onboarding 6 months after offer letters, Youth slams companies on Social Media

Freshmen who have accepted employment offers from IT companies have resorted to social media to express their frustration that, even three to five months after the offer was made, they haven’t gotten any correspondence about the onboarding process or an offer letter. This might indicate a slowdown in the IT industry, according to a BusinessLine (BL) report.

An engineer asserted that Infosys gave him an offer on March 22 but that the company has not contacted him since then. “I have been waiting for months and even sought out them on social media. They haven’t written back to me or offered any clear communication on the progress of the offer.” Another person reported that in addition to Infosys and HCL, he had also received offers from Wipro. Wipro has not provided any updates on the offer, in contrast to HCL who has been helpful. According to BL, interviews were conducted with four candidates who are having similar issues. Two of them were recruited on-campus, and two of them were recruited off-campus. “I haven’t gotten any update from the employer, and my college placement officer hasn’t heard anything either,” said a similar applicant. She earned an engineering degree from the Sagar Institute of Research and Technology in Bhopal.

Wipro cited in one of their story, “Wipro can affirm that it would honour all offer letters that have been sent to deserving candidates.” “Hiring at Infosys is always matched to client requirements throughout the year and thus, we spread the joining dates of multiple batches to align with changes in project deadlines and to also guarantee employees have access to the proper training,” stated in a statement Infosys. Similar claims were made by an HCL spokesman. Moonlighting and high attrition are two issues that the Indian IT industry is dealing with. Because of this, the margin has shrunk.

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