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After a Near-Fatal Incident, in Kerala Cop Who Opposed The Sand Mafia Has Passed Away

Near-Fatal Incident, TK Muhammad Shafiq, a policeman in Kerala who battled the sand mafia, died on Thursday after fighting wounds from a near-fatal accident for 24 years. Shafiq was struck by an unknown car on his way back from work, forcing him to spend nearly a quarter-century in bed.

His life was forever transformed as a result of that accident. He was incapacitated for some time after the disaster. He remained in the service with the police department’s full cooperation till he resigned as Circle Inspector 5 years earlier.

In 1987, the honorable officer became a Sub Inspector and broke sand mafia rings. He got off a train at Tirur railway station on his route to Kozhikode in 1997, and his three was hit by a truck near his home in Thekkumuri.

Shafiq was struck down and left bleeding profusely on the side of the road for over half an hour. Police eventually took him to the hospital. He was quickly referred to a government clinic in Kozhikode, where he received treatment for a short time.

There were no results from the inquiry into the vehicle that collided with the SI. Several criminals, such as the sand mafia, had threatened him. After treatment, he recommissioned for a time, but he was still dealing with several physical issues.

He struggled with body movements from time to time. Shafiq declined to accept a promotion to Deputy Superintendent of Police when he retired. Shafiq is from the Thrissur town of Kodungallur. Sutra, his wife, teaches secondary school in Kadungathukundu. Even his son Shaisal works as a doctor at Kozhikode’s MIMS Hospital.

As a Superintendent Of police and Circle Inspector in the Kozhikode Criminal Investigation department, he worked at the police headquarters of Karuvarkundu, Kalpakancherry, Tirur, and Mavoor.

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