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Saturday, January 22News That Matters

A school in Kochi, Kerala government, has adopted a gender-neutral uniform for its kids.

Kerala government lower primary school in Valayanchirangara, Ernakulam district, has demonstrated gender neutrality by requiring all pupils to wear the same uniform.

The school‘s gender-neutral uniform policy, which was implemented in 2018 by the then-headmistress, requires students to wear shirts and three-quarters pants.

According to ANI, she stated, “When we were discussing several factors to incorporate in the school, gender equality was the key topic. As a result, the word uniform came to mind. When I was considering what to do with it, I realized that skirts cause a lot of problems for girls. Everyone agreed that a change was needed. At the time, 90% of parents were in favor of it. The kids were overjoyed as well. I’m thrilled and proud that this is now being discussed.”

All pupils are allowed to wear shirts and three-quarters of their trousers under the gender-neutral uniform policy. According to Suma KP, the current Headmistress in Charge, the uniform gave the youngsters a lot of confidence. “This uniform is quite useful for any activity, particularly for girls. This decision has made them and their parents very pleased. The idea that boys and girls should have equal freedom and happiness is the driving force behind this decision “she continued.

Gender equality should be on pupils’ and parents’ thoughts. When it comes to skirts, girls confront a slew of issues. When it comes to going to the bathroom and playing, there are issues. This is also a factor. This outfit is inspired by the idea of a gender-neutral uniform. This school is 105 years old. As a result, no one raised a substantial objection. Everyone agreed with the Academic Committee’s conclusion. It received a lot more attention than we expected “NP Ajayakumar, the previous Chairman of the School Management Committee, remarked.

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